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What is Isolophobia

There are many phobias out there. Some are much more common such arachnophobia (fear of spiders), while others are becoming better known such as agoraphobia (fear of crowds). Some remain a little more shrouded in mystery such as isolophobia. It should first be noted that phobias go beyond just a …

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Health Benefits of Yarrow

The health benefits of yarrow, or as it is known botanically, achillea millefolium, are numerous yet few people are aware of this pretty feathery plant with delicate white, pale blue or pale pink flowers. It is indigenous to the Northern Hemisphere and has even been recorded as being used by …

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Essential Hurricane first Aid Supplies

When it is mid to late spring and hurricane season is approaching it is time to start gathering and organizing supplies to be prepared in case a storm brings severe weather to your area. This means checking flashlights, stockpiling batteries, water, canned food and snacks and especially making sure you …

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How to Build Big Arms

Before we start……. if you’re looking to get a great pair of arms then remember not to neglect your triceps. A good arm ratio to train for is 40% bicep to 60% tricep. It’s an easy task to develop good strength in your arms, but it’s a hard and painful …

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