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Life after a Stroke

A stroke is a life-changing event. It forever changes the lives of the affected individual and their immediate families. Generally speaking, there are two basic types of stroke: ischemic (a clot) and hemorrhagic (a bleed). I prefer to categorize these types as catastrophic and cataclysmic. While these terms are not …

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Function and uses of a Yoga Block

The yoga block is one of several yoga props that can be used by both beginners and advanced practitioners to better their asanas or yoga poses. For people with flexibility issues, it acts as an arm extension to support body weight when doing split postures. A yoga block deepens a …

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How to Build Shoulder Muscles

The shoulder is one of, if not the most complex muscle group in the human body. Bodybuilders and athletes are usually the types of people in a gym looking build shoulder muscle, not only because it looks great; but also because it helps prevent injury and is a useful muscle …

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How to Maximize your Walking Time

If you walk a little every day then you will soon reap the benefits with a more toned body and more stamina too. Along the way you should start to leave some weight behind, in addition to saving dollars in gas money or train fares. Do remember to carry a bottle of water …

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Juniper Berry Benefits

The juniper berry is derived from the evergreen juniper tree and has many beneficial uses due to its warming, disinfecting and stimulating features. The berry, which contains essential oils, antioxidants, fibre and Vitamin C among other things, can be consumed in teas or applied to the skin and has long …

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