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Most Common Signs of Stress

Although short term stress can give you extra energy to deal with immediate issues, when experienced long term it becomes a chronic condition which is unhealthy and could lead to illness and anxiety. There are emotional signs of stress, and physical ones you can learn to recognize as part of …

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Cat Cow Yoga Pose for Lower Back Pain

Yoga has many simple exercises that give you relief from transitory and chronic aches and pains. To overcome even transitory aches, we normally take pain killer medicines and pay innumerable visits to the physician for prescription medicines. But if we start doing the relevant yoga exercises, we can avoid taking …

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Common Foods that help Build Energy

Energy foods should be easy foods; easy to access, eat, and digest, and especially easy on the pocketbook. High energy foods which release energy slowly are the ones to pay attention to. Lean proteins, whole wheat breads/cereals, brown rice/wild rice, bananas and beans should be on the top of your …

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How do i Lose Weight

Most people today would tell you that they would like to lose some weight, even if it’s just a pound or two, but most of these same people aren’t doing the things that are required in order to do that. They aren’t necessarily lacking the desire to do it, they …

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