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How Food can Make you Healthy

A large part of your overall health can be contributed to the food you eat. To maintain a healthy weight you need to eat nutritious food and get adequate exercise to burn off excessive calories. Making the proper food choices can go a long way towards better health. How To …

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Diabetes Diet

Diabetes is a condition that millions of people suffer from now, and which many more will be diagnosed with in the years to come. Diabetes is a polygenic disease which can actually be life threatening if proper treatment is not used. Men, women and even children can be diagnosed with …

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Insane or Genius

I’m not Crazy, I’m a Genius! “Great wits are sure to madness near allied, and thin partitions do their bounds divide,” observed philosopher Aristotle, who was a strong believer that madness and genius were deeply connected. Does a person’s high intellectual ability and creativity ultimately mean that they are insane? …

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