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Understanding Vinyasa Yoga

Understanding Vinyasa Yoga Yoga is now a household name. There isn’t anyone who has not heard of it. This is mostly due to famous people telling the world that they practice yoga and how much that is has done for them. People come to yoga for different reasons. Most are …

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Proteins that cause Autoimmune Diseases

Antibodies normally develop in the immune system to destroy infection and disease. During this process the human body develops inflammation due to the various healthy cells and healthy proteins fighting against the foreign unhealthy invader. The person may develop a fever, soreness, swelling and other symptoms. Typically this is temporary because …

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How to get Toned ABS

As much as we all wish having a toned stomach was as easy as popping a diet pill once before each meal, the reality is much different. Getting the human body into fit physical shape can be one of the most grueling, difficult things people attempt. Countless hours of working …

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Types of Liver Failure

Due to its important and versatile function in the body liver failure is manifested by many clinical symptoms. Liver failure is divided into two types. These are: acute and chronic liver failure. Acute liver failure usually occurs due to damage to liver cells that originates due to toxic chemical or …

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The procedure for an autopsy consists generally of (a) securing the authority to do the autopsy, (b) performing the actual autopsy and (c) conducting laboratory tests on samples of fluids and tissues. The entire process takes into account a heavy mix of legal, emotional and medical considerations. Securing the Authority …

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Where can Trauma Victims go for help

After a critical incident, every trauma victim should be encouraged to reach out for the help needed to survive and forestall the potential for developing acute stress or post traumatic stress disorder. Yet sadly, those who experience traumatic events frequently bottle up the horrific images and suppress the painful emotions …

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