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How Dance can help you

Certainly, dancing can help people to stabilize the mental state and physical appearances. Furthermore, it will soothe the aches caused by the stress. Dancing is a form of entertainment and provides people with hours of fun. Incidentally, it is also considered as a form of exercise because it can burn the excess fat …

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Choosing the right Workout Shoes

When exercising, it is important that you have shoes that are comfortable and supportive. After all, you will likely be in pain if you are effectively working out, so you want to be as comfortable as possible in every other part of your body, such as your feet. No, one …

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Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Rephasing is the treatment for delayed sleep phase syndrome. Out of every 24 hours eight at least are devoted to sleep, according to the body and its requirements. When these phases are ignored, people are deprrived and are less able to funciton adequately. Treatment for Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome consists not …

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Poison in your Medicine Cabinet

Recently I ran into a friend who would have made a perfect candidate for an episode of House or Mystery Diagnosis. For over a year she has experienced symptoms that stumped her doctors and left her wondering if she would ever know the cause of her declining health. She finally …

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Dermatomyositis Symptoms and Treatments

Dermatomyositis is an autoimmune connective tissue disease that is closely related to Polymyositis. Simply explained: poly means multiple, myo means muscle, and sitis means inflammation, so the three syllables of this word combine to form multiple muscle inflammation. Polymyositis is characterized by inflammation causing muscle weakness, as well as skin …

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