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Can Psychopaths be Rehabilitated

Most psychopaths are not found in prisons, but roam free and undetected among us. For those who have been incarcerated for serious crimes, is recidivism inevitable? Only a minority of diagnosable psychopaths are violent offenders. Most are subcriminal; manipulating, deceiving, and swindling the unsuspecting. But for psychopaths who have been …

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High Calorie Foods

In our modern society wit all its conveniences it can be difficult to avoid high calorie foods. Many processed style foods are high calorie traps that many people don’t know about. This list will help you locate high calorie foods and eliminate them from your diet. Packaged Food Many foods …

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Living with Colitis

Living with colitis can be challenging but it is possible if you educate yourself, have an excellent doctor, some basic information and a willingness to make the lifestyle choices that will help you improve your outlook. Colitis is defined as chronic inflammation of the colon or large intestine. The large …

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