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Chronic Nasal Congestion

Some people suffer from clogged nose, blocked nose or nasal congestion on a daily basis. This could mean some degree of abnormality of the internal structure of the nose or the presence of allergens within the environment. Food allergy can also result in nasal obstruction. There is a high degree …

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Diets Aimed at Reducing the Intake of Carbohydrates

As the high complex-carb and low fat diets of the 80s and 90s dwindle in popularity, more dieters are touting the impressive results of low-carb diets. Omega-3 fatty acids, so-called “good fats” are in high demand, as are muscle-repairing proteins. Many packaged foods—right down to bottles of generic mustard—are being …

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Facts about Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shakes

Dieters are spoilt for choice when it comes to the vast selection of meal replacement shakes available, though not spoilt for variety of taste. Most manufacturers rather boringly opt for just three flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, to conceal the rather chalky underlying taste. The base most usually comprises dried …

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