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How Caffeine Affects Asthma

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that constricts the airways and leaves a sufferer gasping for breath. At this moment in time there are no cures for asthma, merely medicines that help to alleviate these conditions on a day to day basis. The medicines that do work to help control …

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Carbohydrates Carbs

These days everyone seems to think that if you want to go on a diet or just want to watch what you eat, the best thing you can do is to stay away from carbs. It is hard to figure out exactly where this notion comes from, as there is …

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How to Calculate Bmi

Before sharing the facts on how to figure your body mass index, I decided to have a little play with my ancient calculator and figure my own. Oh, how I wish I had not bothered because I find I have strayed into the unwanted realms of being overweight and so …

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How do i Read my Glasses Rx

Learning to understand your eyeglasses prescription is tricky but necessary. This friendly guide simplifies the process. An updated eyeglasses prescription is the first step to being able to buy stylish and affordable glasses online. Unfortunately, so few understand what is written on that piece of paper that it makes filling …

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How to Eat out without Overeating

This time you were going to order the low calorie dinner… but you didn’t. Now you’re left with the guilt and a bloated, full stomach. What happened to your resolve to eat a healthy diet? Let’s face it – restaurants are full of temptations. You’re not alone if you find …

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Understanding Chlamydia Infections

Despite the increasing awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, few people actually take steps to protect themselves, or feel they are not at risk. The truth however is this, STDs in the community often exist without symptoms, leading to persistant infection or increased transmission. BACKGROUND: According to the Centers of Disease …

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