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Side Effects of Digoxin

What is Digoxin? Digoxin is a drug which is used in heart conditions such as Atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter while it can also be used in certain instances of heart failure as well. The medicine is extracted from the plant foxglow and is considered a cardiac glycoside which will …

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Cigarette Machine

Cigarette Machines are vending machines that provide packages of cigarettes after taking in cash payments. The packs dispensed contain 16 to 18 cigarettes. In order to assist the restriction of tobacco use among adolescents, cigarette machines are regulated in many countries world over. On 1st October 2011, England became a …

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Side Effects of Mucinex

Why Mucinex is known as a expectorant medication? Mucinex as its name suggest, will act on the mucous produced in the respiratory system and in its passages. It has the ability to thin out the secretions and make them fluid which can be brought out through triggering an effective cough …

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