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Risks of Acetaminophen

Up until recently Acetaminophen has been thought to be the safest pain relief drug on the market. If taken correctly there were no side effects unless the person was allergic to it. It is well known that an overdose can cause liver damage and consumption of alcohol while taking this …

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First Aid for a Swollen Lip

First Aid: how to treat a swollen lip Everyone will probably have a swollen lip at some point in their lives, maybe you got into a fight, or maybe you just walked into something, but either way it is useful to know how to treat it a home. They say …

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How to Build Strong and Powerful Forearms

Forearm training is often neglected even by seasoned bodybuilders because they aren’t the showy muscles like the chest or biceps. However, strong and powerful forearms are indictors of immense strength as evidenced by every competitor past and present, in World’s Strongest Man competition. The size of any muscle is limited …

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How to Choose the right Antidepressant

There are numerous antidepressants on the market now. The huge selection makes it difficult to know which antidepressant is the best one for individuals suffering from depression. Antidepressant categories include SSRI’s, SNRI’s, SDRI’s, mood stabilizers, atypical antipsychotics, tricyclics antidepressants and more. Fortunately, there are clues in each person’s history, in …

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Strip Aerobics Racy Workouts

As a group training instructor and coordinator, it is my job to assess current fitness trends and develop classes that meet the ever-changing needs of the ladies who frequent our gym. I do this by looking at class numbers and listening to the ladies as well as bringing new things …

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