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What is Wellness

Wellness is a concept of health that programs us to think positively about our mind, our body and our soul. It glosses over nothing that contributes to our well being. Thoughts and actions are geared toward good health even when ill. We think positively and do not allow ailments to …

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Side Effects of Robaxin

Robaxin is a drug which doctors use to treat a person with muscle injuries. Robaxin is only used on a temporary basis while the person is healing from their injury. The orthopedic doctor should also have you on a program of some type of exercises, (physical therapy,) which is also …

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What is Jaundice

In certain illnesses of the human body, the skin, the whites of the eye and mucous membranes appear increasingly yellow. This can occur acutely or could even be present from the early days of life. The condition is known as ‘icterus’ or in other words ‘jaundice’. A) What causes ‘jaundice’? …

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Side Effects of Depixol Depot

What is Depixol depot? Depixol depot is a brand name for the generic drug flupentixol which belongs to the group neuroleptics. It is used in instances where a person suffering from mental conditions which is characterized by hallucinations, delusions as well as by other psychotic symptoms. Being a depot preparation, …

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Inmportance of Magnesium

What is Magnesium? Magnesium is more than a metal; in fact, magnesium is vital to human body composition and function. Just over half of magnesium is contained in our bones, with the rest found in muscle tissues. This mineral ranks number four of the most ample in the human body. …

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