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Reasons to Eat more Nuts

It might be a coincidence that you can’t spell “nutrition” without “nut”, but it’s certainly very fitting. In addition to offering essential dietary fiber, nuts also provide healthy fats, which have been suggested could decrease your risk of heart disease and improve your mood. While most nuts provide some type …

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Infectious Hepatitis

Hepatitis simply means “inflammation of the liver”, which is the largest of the vital organs within the body. Inflammation is a component of the body’s non-specific immune system response to tissue damage; it results in swollen, heated tissue. Hepatitis can occur as the result of some poisons, such as any …

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Treatment of Periodontist Disease

Periodontal (gum) disease is the medical term for infection of the tissues that support the teeth. This medical condition is common among people with poor oral hygiene. It ranges from simple gum inflammation to major damages to the soft tissues and bones that support the teeth. Many adults all over the …

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Reasons why Feet Swell

Feet swelling is a common problem for many. It can be seen in higher prevalence among the elderly or else in people who are bedridden and are restricted in their mobility. In most of us, it can appear as an incidental event which does not seem to be linked with …

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