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Benefits of Liquid Vitamins

I would like to address the questions and issues of Liquid vs pills, in regards to vitamins and supplements. As far as which is best for the human body, definitely liquid has enough evidence to substantiate its claims of the healthier choice by far. For example when studies have been …

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About Hepatitis a

Hepatitis A is a potentially serious viral infection of the liver, usually transmitted through contaminated food or water supplies. A small number of people develop serious complications from the disease, but a vaccine is available to provide immunity against the disease. The Hepatitis A Virus (HAV), which causes the disease, …

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Handling Food Cravings

People have experimented with a vast array of diets over the years. Many different combinations of foods have been tried and researched to the point where people will take their favorite parts of each diet and convince themselves that they are still following some semblance of a weight-loss plan. Eventually, …

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