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How to use Hot and Cold Compress

Hot and cold compresses are homemade remedies for many minor conditions. Before using hot and cold compresses however, be certain that there are no wounds, no debilitating condition of the patient, no existing pathologic disease and no recent surgery. How to use a hot compress Heat increases the circulation of …

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Does MS cause Tooth Decay

Multiple Sclerosis patients are often at a higher risk for other types of injury due to balance problems and gait abnormalities or other mobility issues. MS patients are at greater risk for falls and fractures resulting from these falls. Could having MS also result in a higher incidence of tooth …

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Best Flowers for Allergy Sufferers

“Achoo!” And here you thought your beloved was going to say, “Oh how sweet.” If you’re in love with an allergy sufferer, you can still send her flowers, but you must take extra care in selecting the perfect varieties. This year is predicted to be unusually bad for allergies. If …

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What is Whitlow

In ordinary talk, felon – in its adjectival form – describes someone (or something) as being wicked. In the field of pathology, however, felon refers to the painful infection which characteristically affects the tissues of the fingertip. Used either way, the term would not really differ much in meaning. Felon, …

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Yoga for Anxiety Disorders

Yoga as a Treatment for Anxiety Disorders Yoga has been used for well over 5000 years to promote self development and self awareness, but is yoga an effective form of treatment for people suffering from anxiety disorders? Approximately 10 percent of the population suffer from anxiety disorders. Types of Anxiety …

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What does Hypoallergenic really mean

What are “hypoallergenic” ads claiming? The current issue of Mother Jones posits: Since I have lots of allergies, and my skin is prone to bouts of itchiness, I’ve always chosen soaps and lotions labeled “hypoallergenic.” That label means they won’t cause me to have an allergic reaction, right? Turns out …

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