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Foods Marked Low Carb

Low carb is what you’re looking for when you are on the Atkins or any other carb limiting diet. You do have to read the labels to see how many actual carbs are in anything marked “low carb” though. You never know what is really considered “low” for any particular …

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Least Effective Ab Exercises

For most of us, obtaining a coveted six pack is all we need to feel confident and sexy. But many of us are doing ab workouts that are not only completely ineffective, but could cause serious injury. Read on as we debunk common exercise myths that actually do more harm …

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What is Ibandronate Sodium

Ibandronate sodium is a new drug that’s marketed under the brand name Boniva. This drug belongs to the bisphosphonate class, a group of drugs that delay or stop the natural process of bone tissue dissolution or resorption, leading to the maintenance or increase in bone density and strength. Why it …

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Pilates Exercise Safety Tips

Pilates is a wonderful, low impact type of exercise that is geared towards people of all fitness levels and abilities, and one of the things that makes it such an ideal means by which to work out is the fact that there is relatively little chance of suffering from any …

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