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Treating Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a medical term for blood sugars that are running too low, which means below 70 mg. When this happens, a person may feel: 1. Weak 2. Confused 3. Sweaty 4. Very hungry 5. Have trouble speaking or making sense 6. Have feelings of panic or anxiety 7. Anger …

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How Weight Watchers Points have Changed

The weight watchers points program is one of the most well known weight loss plans, thousands of people have benefited from the ease of use and education. Along with providing information on individual foods, they produce their own range of food with the points they are worth on the packaging. …

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Maintain Healthy Diet

Upon walking through the mall food court, you are bound to encounter a myriad of greasy burgers, a mountain of chili cheese fries, and the infamous hot dog on a stick. Some of these items might seem tolerable or even satisfying to you at the moment. With so many convenient …

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Home Cures for Clogged Ears

Clogged ears can be a major nuisance, which is why most often people want to treat them fast and painlessly. Sometimes, clogged ears can be the side effect of a viral infection; in such cases, consulting a physician is the best recommendation. However, if your ears got clogged because of …

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Why Hoarding Cats is Bad

Cat hoarding affects a person’s physical health and their mental health. It just isn’t normal to hoard cats. One person cannot possibly care for the amount of cats that many cat hoarders have. Cats make good pets because they can be left alone during the day while you work without the …

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Make Positive Change Release Weight for Good

Prepare to Beat The Odds Make Positive Change & Release Weight for Good Have you tried every diet known to humankind but are still struggling with weight? Have you learned the “what” to do for losing weight, exercising, wealth building or other personal goals but still can’t get yourself to …

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