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Bipolar – Illness

Bipolar, Lithium, Suicide And The Lost Years Of My Life When things are illuminated, life is beautiful. Luminosity is, indeed, a wonderful thing. You are anchored in your body and that body is easy to please. You only have to honor the integrity of your senses. The bad smells bad, …

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How to Mentally Prepare for Weight Loss

Weight loss is often viewed as a purely physical challenge. Unfortunately, many who choose to begin the weight loss journey seldom take into account the mental aspects of this challenge. When choosing a weight loss program, one needs to rely on his or her mental capabilities. By visiting a family …

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What is Hemoptysis

In its simplest definition, hemoptysis is blood in the sputum. When it happens for the first time, hemoptysis is more than a little frightening. Hemoptysis is usually a symptom of something else going on in the lungs. Any of the following may be the underlying cause of the bleeding: * …

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Using Acupuncture to Treat Migraines

It’s the headache of all headaches, one you’ll never forget. Individuals who suffer from migraine headaches are increasingly turning to alternative medicine – particularly acupuncture – to treat them. Overview of migraines The arrival of a migraine headache is a major event, a disrupter of regular activities. Migraines typically last …

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