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Summer Exercise

Other seasons simply do not suffice: summer is the paramount exercising season. No other time of the year could be better for an individual’s fitness, for a collaboration of reasons. Ultimately, the best time to get fit is during the warmer months of your region, so grab some water and …

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The best way to Lose Weight

Normally, when people want to lose weight they will say, “I’ve had enough! I’m only going to eat fresh fruit and vegetables” Well in my opinion this is the wrong way to go about it. If you want to lose weight the one thing that you don’t want to do …

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How to Jump Start a Diet

Have you ever considered that your approach to a diet matters? People go on diets all over the world believing that the diet itself will help them to reduce weight. Dieting is temporary, and needs a good jump start to have any benefit to an individual. It is this kick …

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About the Polio Vaccine

The polio vaccine is an extremely important vaccine which has provided protection against the formerly deadly polio virus (which causes poliomyelitis) since its discovery in the 1950s. There are actually two polio vaccines today: the original inactivated Salk vaccine, and the subsequent attenuated Sabin vaccine. The Salk vaccine, commonly referred …

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