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Causes of Alcoholism

There is much about the causes of alcoholism that is still unknown. However, known causes have everything to do with the individuals brain chemistry make up. Two natural drugs found in our system are Serotonin and Dopamine. They directly effect the nervous system and our body’s “feel good” sensors. These …

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Link of Obesity to Poverty

OBESITY: THE SIDE EFFECT OF EXCESS? Obesity statistics in America are staggering. We are clearly the fattest nation in the world. This is a problem that crosses into all races and gender in this country. Being obese often implies an indulgence in excess. It is viewed as a side-effect of …

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Home Cures for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids happen when the veins inside the anus gets inflamed. Hemorrhoids can show inside or outside the anus. Outside hemorrhoids occur when the veins are so inflammed that they force their way outside the anus opening. They are painful and sometimes if they are bad enough will bleed. Anyone that has …

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