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How to use a Wweught Watchers Tracker

It is most important to track your food when doing Weight watcher’s. The reason for this being is that you know exactly what you have eaten during the day, and how you have used your points. Tracking helps you stay on plan and in control by accounting for everything you …

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Side Effects of Dazamide

Dazamide is a drug that has a lot of uses. It works on treating edema, some types of epileptic seizures, and also glaucoma. Dazamide helps glaucoma by fluid reduction in the eyes. It also works on the kidney to push extra fluid away from the body. Your prescribing doctor should …

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How to Cope with Stress

Chronic stress can cause permanent and temporary hair loss, hamper the body’s immune system, increase blood pressure and produce heart attacks and strokes. It can lead to such conditions as depression and obesity. Learning ways to alleviate the daily pressures of living is essential to ones overall health. Step Away …

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High Protein Foods for Dieters

Going on a diet means eating a specific variety of food that will help promote weight loss. Protein is an important element of a healthy diet. It keeps you full for longer and is the fuel for your muscles. If you want to diet successfully you need to include a …

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Side Effects of Advicor

What is Advicor? Advicor is combined medication of the vitamin supplement Niacin, or to be more specifically an extended acting form of Niacin, and the cholesterol lowering agent, Lovastatin. These drugs in combination have been used to reduce a possible high cholesterol and triglyceride state in the circulation and thereby …

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