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Home Remedies for Sinus Pain

A familiar residual effect of cold and allergies is sinus pain and swelling. The hollow sinus cavities in the head fill with mucus and become inflamed or infected. Congestion and inflammation cause pain and swelling across the cheekbones and forehead; simply leaning forward can result in a headache and watering eyes. …

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Healthy Living Happiness

Healthy lifestyles have a great impact on your happiness. If you are a person who cares about healthy lifestyles, you should be grateful because you are not only healthy but also happy. Actually, health and happiness are closely related. If you are not healthy, your happiness will be decreased. Of …

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Aspirin and Breast Cancer

A study involving more than 4,000 female nurses who had been diagnosed with breast cancer has revealed evidence that aspirin can reduce the risk of dying from this disease by 50 percent. While not conclusive, this is yet another treatment for a deadly disease which is tied to the most commonly consumed, …

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Exercises to Target your Full Abdomen

The abdomen is divided into three main areas. The upper abdomen runs from the waistline up to the ribcage. The waistline is referred to as the obliques. Then the lower abdomen runs from the navel to the hips. The best Target toning workout for the abdomen consists of exercises designed …

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All the Reasons to Practice Yoga

Yoga is gaining importance recently over the world as it includes mind and body fitness. Yoga offers a holistic approach to the body health and mind, as it views both, mind and body as inseparable. The reasons worth considering doing yoga as a routine is because it trains the body …

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How to Treat Hot Oil Burns

First of all make sure that the area you are in is safe and no further harm can come to anyone. Severe Burns For severe burns you must get medical help immediately, call the emergency services. Initially, run the area that has been burnt under the cold tap for a …

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