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Tips Weight Loss

Sometimes it can be really hard to keep your weight under control. There are so many factors on a daily basis that contribute to either weight gain or weight loss and although many of us feel that gaining weight is sometimes something we cannot control, there are many tips for …

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Warning Signs of ADHD

Warning signs for ADHD ADHD has a varied symptom list. For some it is difficult to diagnose because those symptoms show themselves in different ways in different people. THESE ARE THE MOST NOTED DISABILITIES OF ADD/ADHD (This list is not complete but shows many of the warning signs that MOST …

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Anorexia and Obsessive Exercising

This weekend, I remembered that I joined Lifetime Fitness exactly six years ago. It was the weekend following my 22nd birthday in 2000, about six months after graduating college. Lifetime Fitness is a massive facility, fully equipped with a large pool, two hot tubs, a dry sauna, a steam room, …

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How to Find cause of Hives

Nearly a quarter of the population will experience hives at sometime in their lives. It certainly can be a traumatic and distressing time trying to determine what has caused the hives. Hives are extremely common and are not only caused by allergies. It is important to find the cause so …

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