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Natural Allergy Relief Natural Allergy Treatments

Allergies are reactions of the human immune system to any number of things in the environment. There can be a variety of symptoms ranging from annoying to extremely dangerous and life threatening. Common symptoms are sinus congestion, sinus drainage, throat irritation and itchiness, frequent throat clearing, sneezing, itchy eyes or ears, …

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Frumples Scam or Health Aid

Healthcare Organization in the United States Health care scholars point out that there are needless duplications in health care systems in the United States. Two examples they give are Veterans Administration Hospital System (VA) that cares for American veterans, and the Public Health Service which cares for Native American Indians. …

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How to do the Arnold Press for Shoulders

For a “rocking” set of shoulders, the Arnold Press is an interesting compound exercise that comprehensively targets the deltoid muscles, as well as working triceps in the upper arms and trapesius muscles in the back. While the beginning of the Arnold Press hits hard at the front or anterior deltoids, …

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Gabapentin Medication Information

Gabapentin is an antiepileptic/analgesic, used in the treatment of epilepsy seizures and nerve pain. Gabapentin may be prescribed by your doctor to treat epilepsy seizures, diabetic nerve pain and nerve pain resulting from herpes. It may also be used in the treatment of chronic pain conditions, as a sympathetic nerve …

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Side Effects of Halcion

Halcion is the name of a drug recommended for the short term treatment of patients with insomnia. The active substance in Halcion is called Triazolam, whose role is to slow down the nervous system, therefore helping people that are treated with this medication to sleep more and better at night. …

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Why Vitamin d is Critical to Health

Best known as a fat-soluble vitamin (fat needed for synthesis) that supports strong healthy bones, vitamin D is also involved with the uptake of calcium in the body. It is critical for good health as its presence affects every cell in the body, in regards to cell death and proliferation. …

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