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Chocolate and Obesity

The family tucks into a nice healthy treat of fast food burgers and French fries fried in taste appealing saturated fat, washed down with calorie laden shakes and giant cups of chemical enhanced sodas. One thing they perhaps won’t need to worry about is the size of their after dinner …

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Asthma Treatment in the ER

You are sitting at home and are increasingly aware that you asthma is getting worse. You reach for your fast acting breathing inhaler and it is not helping. Your respiratory rate is increasing and you are using more chest muscles to breath. You are finding it difficult to talk and …

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How to Deal with Dry Mouth

Whether you have been clinically diagnosed with chronic dry mouth or just notice that your mouth stays drier than normal, this condition is not a pleasant one. The clinical term for dry mouth is xerostomia, and what it means is that you have less saliva than normal. Symptoms of this …

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Best Foods for Weight Loss

If you are someone who has ever tried to lose weight you definitely know that some foods work against your weight loss regimen while some foods help you lose weight. Foods high in bad carbohydrates, sugary-sweet foods and foods high in fat do not help you to lose weight. Meanwhile, …

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Food Additives that are Good for you

While most food additives are generally not good for you there are a few that bolster our health by providing nutrients that may be lacking in some diets due to bad choices, unavailability or the cost of eating a well balanced selection of foods. The following list contains some of …

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