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Comedy in Schizophrenia

My schizophrenia is stressing me out but it is also hilarious. Whats so funny about schizophrenia with symptoms such as hallucination, delusions, paranoia, and voices? Plenty. As I come to grips with my illness I realize that some of my beliefs were simply delusions. Delusions are a common symptom in …

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Natural Brain Boosters

As people struggle to keep up with the pace of a fast moving world, many resort to practices that can enhance their performance in order to achieve the intended goals. These practices include taking various supplements, drugs or foods, which are either made synthetically or extracted from natural ingredients. While …

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Rowing Machine

I have purchased a rowing machine. Two fat delivery men (I know, who’d have thought it?) delivered said rowing machine to the bottom of my stairs three days ago. The box displayed a yellow hazard triangle, which informed me that the package weighed 180Kg. Having no idea how heavy a …

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Adult Add

When people think of attention deficit disorder (ADD) they usually think of it as a childhood disorder. Many people are shocked to learn that ADD affects adults also. Most adults with ADD either had it as a child and were treated for it or for one reason or another were …

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Side Effects of Xalatan

What is ‘Xalatan’? Xalatan is a sterile ophthalmic solution which is also known by its generic, latanoprost ophthalmic and can be considered a prostaglandin analogue which would increase the draining of fluid from the eye. By doing so, it can reduce the pressure buildup within the eye in patients with …

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