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Is there Life after a Sexual Assault

The question is not whether there is life after a sexual assault, but what is the quality of life after such a devastating event? That depends on what happens after the trauma. Some times it depends on what happens immediately following the assault. Sexual assault shatters our safety, both physically …

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Risk Factors for Diabetes Mellitus

Traditionally, physicians have categorized diabetes mellitus (DM) as Type I (formerly called insulin dependent or juvenile onset), Type II (formerly called non-insulin dependent or adult onset), and gestational diabetes. Because the pathogenesis and risk factors differ for each form of DM, each are considered separately. Type I DM accounts for …

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Essential Tremor Diagnosis

Essential tremor, like Parkinson’s disease, is one of those conditions that is sometimes misdiagnosed. Your primary care physician may not notice what is so obvious and annoying to you. Therefore, you will need to go to your appointment with your description of what is happening to you, and the best …

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Crystal Meth

The Devil’s Drug – Crystal Meth When your friend talks about Crystal, Tina, or Krista in your presence, he/she may not be referring to a girlfriend or classmate. These are just three of dozens of names associated with the insidious drug sweeping the country more commonly known as Crystal Meth. …

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Reasons to Celebrate Vegetarianism

October 1 is Vegetarian Day and kicks off Vegetarian Month. The event is a chance to highlight the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. To celebrate this day, you should understand the lifestyle. Some vegetarians choose this lifestyle because of religion, health, or ethical reasons. Many believe it is not compassionate …

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Are Eggs Good for you

Different foods contain various proteins. Eggs are very high in protein. So much so that manufacturers of protein often base their goods on egg protein. Eggs are easily digested, and egg protein contains all the essential amino acids that the human body needs. One large egg contains approximately 6.5 grams …

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