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2006 Worldwide Hivaids Statistics

Curing AIDS

Who am I? No one can destroy me, but many have tried. I’ve weaken the strongest and brought fear to the fearless. It’s impossible to see me but the impact I bring is very noticeable. Just to hear my name brings a tear to the eye of the beholder. Who am I, ” I’m AIDS and I’ll never be defeated” A ids a disease that has killed many and destroyed the lives of others. This disease alone if cured would decrease the death toll in the world dramatically. So if I were to make any scientific discovery it would be the cure for this horrific disease.

Mother’s mourn, children cry and friends die all because of the out come of this disease. Being able to introduce a cure would cause happiness for many including saving the lives of innocent children. Imagine taking a trip to Africa where about 50% of their citizens posses the Aids virus. This disease along kills around 6000 people each day which is more killing than wars, famines, and floods. Since this silent killer is so popular amongst the citizens of Africa, many of the children are orphans and live with HIV or AIDS. If I were to discover a cure for it no longer will the innocent virgin worry about the transmitting of a disease from an older partner. The mourning mother will have no reason to cry over a dying homosexual son. The population of Africa will not plummet and the loss of friends because of sexual reasons will decrease.

Money seems to rule the world, but how could we put a price on a disease so deadly. Well rather loose lives than give away a free vaccine , but if I discovered a cure for this disorder just knowing I had a role with saving the lives of millions is good enough.

By being an ally to death and also by plummeting the worlds population Aids is said to be a harmful disease. It has killed many and stressed out others, but a variety of people have survived. The occurrence of Aids within the world is truly horrible by not only existing in adults but as well as children. So as for my scientific discovery of the future many will try but one will discover.