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20 Minute Workout

I verify, herein, that the following workout actually WORKS. I received it in the hospital 40 years ago, in my Welcome Baby package, following the birth of my firstborn. After each of my children were born, using this method returned my weight, quickly, to my pre-pregnancy weight.


Ballerinas are correct. Stand straight, feet slightly apart, knees slightly bent. Stand tall, lifting your hips, spine, waist, chest, neck, and head up, as high as possible. Imagine a string being pulled up from the middle of your head. Pull your shoulders back and relax them. Pull your tummy and your derrier up and in.


Breathing deeply and evenly is important, for you will be exercising the inside of your body, simulaneously.

1. Perform some slow head rolls, bending your head down to your chest, rolling it to the right, to the back, to the left, then, forward. Now, reverse the process, to the left, back, right, and forward. Five repetitions are sufficient.

2. Lift your arms to the side, shoulder level. Perform a narrow arm rotation from the shoulders, forward for 50 repetitions, then, backward for 50 repetitions. Repeat the process, performing wide arm rotations. 50 repetitions each.

3. Lift your arms above your head and clasp your hands. Stretch and bend backward, from the waist, stretching your arms out as far as they will reach, and hold for 5 seconds. Stand straight and breathe. Bend forward and hold for 5. Bend to the right side, hold. Stand straight. Bend to the left side, hold. Stand straight. Repeat 5 times.


You will be exercising each portion of your body, simply, elegantly, slowly, and gracefully through 24 repetitions. Be gentle with yourself.

1. Beginning with your legs together, perform 24 jumping jacks.

2. Set your legs apart and touch your left small toe with your right hand, hold for 5 seconds. Stand straight. Touch your right small toe with your left hand. Stand straight.

3. Stand with your legs slightly apart and lift your right knee to your chest, holding it for the count of 5, while balancing. Then, perform the same exercise with your left leg.

4. Lie on your side. Lift your leg up to the side as high as it will go and hold for a slow count of five. After 24 repetitions, reverse sides.

5. Lie on your stomach and lift your arms and legs up as far as possible and hold for a slow count of five. This is the most difficult, yet, most rewarding exercise of all.

6. Perform full length sit-ups, propping your feet under a chair for support. Roll your back up, rather than yanking it.


1. Rest on your knees, curl your body, and lay your arms down along the sides of your legs on the mat, face to the side. Breathe gently and relax completely.

2. Stand up, feet slightly apart. touch your palms to the floor. Walk your arms out for four steps, walk them back, stand up straight, marking your posture, and breathe deeply.

One month of this routine will shrink inches and improve your posture and health, dramatically. As a regular routine, it will help to keep you lean and healthy for life.