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Why it is Easy to Put on Weight if you don’t do any Exercise

It is incredibly easy to put on weight if you don’t do any exercise, particularly if you’re used to being active most of the time. If you find yourself ill or injured, and thus unable to exercise as much as you’d like, it can be quite easy to pile on the pounds if you continue eating your usual diet. When you are unable to stay active it can slip your mind that you’re only usually able to consume so many calories because of all the exercise you do, so that when you stop doing exercise you may not even realise you’re gaining weight, especially if you don’t weigh yourself very often.

It can be frustrating to watch yourself gain weight, but unless you’re prepared to reduce your calorie intake you’ll have to accept the few additional pounds and do something about them at a later date. Eventually, your weight will stabilise so that you won’t keep putting on more and more weight. The main thing is for you to get better and allow yourself to heal. You may have a minor bug and not want to eat, so you are unlikely to gain weight. However, if you have damaged your knee, for instance, your appetite is unlikely to be affected and so you could gain weight if you’re not careful. You don’t want to rush back into exercise, though, if it is likely to prolong your agony and worsen your condition.

Weight gain isn’t the end of the world and if you’re used to being active most of the time it shouldn’t be too difficult to get back into your exercise routine, so that you can lose any extra weight you’ve gained. If, however, you’re not a particularly active kind of person and have been putting on weight it can be more challenging to make exercise part of your life so that you lose a few pounds and remain a healthy weight.

By exercising regularly you are in a better position to manage your weight, as you don’t have to worry as much about calorie counting when you burn quite a substantial amount each time you do some kind of physical activity. Unfortunately, many people have a tendency to overestimate the amount of physical activity they do and underestimate their calorie intake, thus gaining weight and not being able to identify what the problem is. It may be convenient to blame genetics or a slow metabolism, but for most people weight gain is merely the result of a bad diet and not enough exercise.

Whether you’re a reasonably active person or not, you can soon find yourself gaining weight if you don’t exercise at all, which is why exercise ought to be a priority in the long term if you want to manage your weight.