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What is Nitroglycerin Prescribed for

Nitroglycerin is a drug that is used in treating angina, which is a type of chest pain. This is a serious drug, since as soon as you get it into your system, it opens up the blood vessels so that blood flow is made easier. So as a result of blood being able to travel better, the heart is less exhausted and can work more efficiently.

There are many precautions to taking Nitroglycerin, so this is why it is vital that your doctor treating you for heart disease knows everything about your history that there is to know. If you have had any allergy that you know about to Nitroglycerin or nitrates, this is an important fact to be noted. If you think the actual pain you are having is really a heart attack and not angina, do not take a Nitroglycerin pill. If you have conditions where you have a lot of head pressure, be aware of this when taking Nitroglycerin and tell your doctor about any brain or head problems. Anyone that has anemia should also not be taking Nitroglycerin.

Other drugs that may not be good mixed with Nitroglycerin are beta blockers which are Propanolol, Diltiazem, or some others may cause this medication to work against you in a very serious way. Other types of drugs such as any blood thinners or aspirins should be noted by your treating doctor since they have been known to cause serious interactions.

Nitroglycerin is not a pill that you swallow, but hold it on the inside of your cheek until dissolved. This medicine takes time to dissolve in a slow manner. Never double your dosage of Nitroglycerin if you have missed one. Just skip over the one dose missed, and take the next one.

There are other safety tips for using this serious heart medication. Be aware that Nitroglycerin, may cause you to have have vertigo, lack of feeling alert, and it can also interfere with your vision field by making objects appear blurry. Since this drug can easily cause faining spells, you need to be very careful and slow when standing up from a sitting or laying down position. Never have a Nitroglycerin pill inside of your mouth when you are sleeping.

Any woman that is pregnant, Nitroglycerin is probably risky to use. Talk to your doctor if you plan on becoming pregnant or plan to breastfeed which should also be done with caution.

Nitroglycerin can also have other body side effects such as clammy skin, upset stomach, and vomiting, and flushing of the skin.

This medicine can also cause an allergic response which needs attention right away. If you have symptoms of hives, trouble breathing or sweling of the face in any way, go to your emergency department at once.