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What is Cranial Osteopathy for Labyrinthitis

Well first of all let us define cranial osteopathy. We do this in order to understand its use for a therapeutic treatment to labyrinthitis. Cranial osteopathy is an attenuate and refined form of osteopathic treatment that prompts the release of tension throughout the body as well as the head.

Labyrinthitis is an inflammation of the labyrinth, the inner ear near the base of your skull. Labyrinthitis usually lasts between one week and three weeks. During an attack it is recommended you lie still in a comfortable position, usually the foetalposition is best. It is also advisable to avoid chocolate, coffee, alcohol and to stop smoking. Vertigo (a loss of balance and a spinning sensation) may only last for a few days but body imbalance could persist for several weeks.

There are many cures for this viral condition. Cranial osteopathy is quite an effective way to help ease the pain of labyrinthitis particularly in children. Cranial osteopaths are well trained in this field, they perform very subtle, rhythmical shape change that would normally be existent in all the body’s tissues. This is known as Involuntary Motion or the Cranial Rhythm.

The movement is of quite limited amplitude, therefore it is beneficial for practitioners to have an acute and developed sense of touch in order to feel it. Tension of any nature in the body, including labyrinthitis will disrupt the cranial rhythm.

This sort of osteopathy gives practioners an insight into the overall condition of your body, whether or not it is healthy, stressed and even tired.

Cranial osteopathic treatment is then able to relieve the tension from the inner ear, improving the patients hearing and removing any ringing noise in the ear, known as tinnitus. Cranial osteopathy also helps dramatically improve the cranial rhythm which in turns returns the muscle within and around the ear to return to normal. In effect, involuntary movement of the eyes will be eliminated and in turn eradicating extreme vertigo. Eventually any sense of nausea or vomiting will be remedied.

It can also be noted that although it is a common belief that children should have no structural stresses to their body, cranial osteopathy can be quite beneficial to a newly born child. During birth a child’s head can often become distorted due to the pressures of birth but cranial osteopathy can help rectify this distortion.

Therefore, those of you who suffer from labyrinthitis, especially children, who prefer a more natural cure, should allow time for cranial osteopathy, for this is the best natural cure available for this condition.


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