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Side Effects of Serzone

Serzone is a drug which doctors give for treating depression. It is not the same as many other antidepressants that are SSRIs.

Doctors should understand the person’s history that they are treating first before prescribing this medication. Anyone with liver disease will not be able to take this medicine. Serzone has been known to cause serious liver failure in some people that have taken it. Some people that have taken Serzone have either died or required a liver transplant due to liver failure. Signs of liver problems are usually jaundiced skin, pale stools, nausea, and vomiting. Dark urine is also another dominant sign of having a liver problem combined with these other symptoms. If this happens while taking Serzone, you will need to contact your doctor at once.

If you have been treated for depression with MAOI drugs such as Marplan, you will not be able to take Serzone safely. There are also seizure medications which cannot be taken with Serzone. If you have had manic depression problems, hypertension, heart problems, or kidney disease, you may be unable to take Serzone. Your doctor will need to determine whether or not it is safe enough to take Serzone by conducting some specific tests. Older people aged 60 and older may not be able to take Serzone without too many side effects.

The safety of this drug in pregnant women has not really been specified. Serzone has shown that it can pass on into breast milk and may harm the baby. Tell your doctor if you are currently nursing.

In a small number of people, Serzone has been known to cause an allergic reaction. If you have taken Serzone and you experience tongue swelling, trouble breathing, and hives, you must get immediate help.

Other side effects from Serzone may be possible fainting, erection problems, vertigo, trouble seeing, thirst, nausea, trouble with memory, hunger pangs, and insomnia. People have also reported feeling very fatigued while taking Serzone.

Take Serzone tablets with water. You also need to abstain from drinking any alcoholic drinks while on this medicine since it can intensify the drowsy effects. The usual dosage of Serzone is 100 milligrams per day and gradually increased. Serzone will not correct depression right off, but takes around 30 days to reach the desired antidepressant effect. If you happen to forget your dosage of Serzone, do not double up on the next dosage.

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