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Paul Mccartney Ignatia Natural Remedy for Grief Natural Medicine Insomnia Tina Turnerhomeopath

Homeopathy works by treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. For that reason, homeopathy can be very helpful in treating emotions. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that uses the law of “Like Cures Like”. Discovered in the 1800’s by Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy is used by millions around the world, including the British Royal Family, Cindy Crawford, Tina Turner, and Paul McCartney.

The number one remedy for treating grief homeopathically is Ignatia, from the St. Ignatius bean. This remedy is useful for any one suffering from suppressed or deep grief, with long – drawn sighs, much sobbing, and also much unhappiness. The person can’t sleep, and is entirely absorbed in grief. For a recent grief, as at the loss of a friend, the remedy is useful, as well as for the feeling of sadness and hopelessness. It affects the mind and the emotional element is profoundly influenced and co-ordination is interfered with. It causes erratic, contradictory, paradoxical mental and physical effects, which change rapidly and are opposite to each other. The nervous system is affected causing spasmodic effects often violent with rigidity, twitching and tremors. Pain is small, and in circumscribed spots.

Another homeopathic grief remedy is Phosphoric acid. The person needing Phosphoric acid is easily awakened and then is fully conscious. Indifference, prostrated and stupefied with grief, this is a good remedy for the effects of disappointed love. The person can be homesick. Their mind is confused, and thoughts cannot be connected. Thinking can even make him dizzy. The Phos ac patient can be despondent with constant weeping. They are easily grieved. Their outlook is gloomy, apprehensive, and they have a fear of approaching death.

The homeopathic remedy Aurum is made from the element gold. They too can experience ailments from grief, disappointed love, with longing for death and suicide. the person needing Aurum is oversensitive, the least contradiction excites wrath. They are worse in cold air, when getting cold, while lying down, with mental exertion. Many of their complaints come on only in winter. Woefulness and dejection, with longing for solitude, he desires solitude in regard to the loss of love and respect of others, with deep grief and weeping. He can experience a desire for religious solicitude, with weeping and praying, and has no confidence in himself. The person needing Aurum has a great longing for death, as he thinks himself unsuited in this world. He weeps in the evening and wishes to die, but he can be quarrelsome and without hope.

Natrum muriaticum is made from table salt, sodium chloride. The person who needs this remedy is extremely emotional, suffering under the consequences of grief and disappointment. They feel heavy with hidden grief yet unable to weep, or they may cry in secrecy. They desire sympathy yet are averse to and aggravated by consolation, even becoming angry when shown sympathy. Constantly dwelling on unpleasant recollections, they never forget or forgive, bearing hatred to people who have formerly given offense. Averse to company, dull, tactless and offending others, they are absentminded, discontented, irascible and easily provoked. Ultimately, they feel haunted by fears and forebodings, states of anxiety, despairing and tired of life.

Homeopathy can offer solace to those suffering emotional loss. A qualified homeopathic practitioner can find the specific remedy to aid the suffering.