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Ideas for low fat appetizers

With many increasingly opting for a healthier lifestyle, healthy eating is becoming a trend. More people are careful over what they eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, it is imperative to select low fat snacks and appetizers for a cocktail party, to cater for a wider range of guests.

Low fat appetizers don’t have to be bland and tasteless, in fact quite the opposite. Low fat food isn’t laden with fat, and therefore the flavors are more prevalent. Healthier options are more popular with guests, and are just as easy to prepare. Appetizers should be light and refreshing, and complimentary to the cocktails on offer. Offer several refreshing appetizers, and healthy snacks that look tempting and colorful. Ensure servings are beautifully presented, and keep portion sizes small.

Low fat appetizers and snacks which are sure to go down a treat at a cocktail party:


This is a popular appetizer that is easy to prepare and is low in calories. Using fresh ingredients and olive oil will ensure that this is a tasty, delectable appetizer that is sure to be enjoyed by all guests. The bright red tomato against the basil certainly provides this dish with an attractive color. Add a sprinkle of low fat cheese for extra flavor.

Fruity temptations

There’s a multitude of various fruits that can be utilized to create a tantalizing snack that is bursting with color and flavor. This is a low fat nutritional snack that is filling. Serve sliced or cubed fresh fruit on a platter around a dish of low fat yogurt dip, with a sprinkling of chopped nuts to decorate the edge of the dish. This is a refreshing snack that goes well with many cocktails, and is simple to prepare.

Zucchini sticks

These are a popular cocktail appetizer, however, to make this a healthful low fat version choose low fat ingredients and prepare them with olive oil. Bake instead of deep-fry to give these the perfect crunchy finish that is light and tasty. These healthy Zucchini sticks are low in fat but high in flavor. Serve on a platter with marinara sauce to compliment the dish.

Veggie delight

Raw fresh veggies offer the healthiest option that takes the least amount of time to prepare. A platter of assorted veggies creates the perfect low-calorie snack that health conscious guests will appreciate. Serve an array of colorful bite size veggie portions accompanied with a low fat ranch dip. This is a filling nutritious cocktail snack that is simple, yet tasty. This dish requires little preparation, and is low in fat and calories.

A nutty affair

Chips and nuts are nibbles that are prevalent at many parties. To create a healthier low fat option, opt for unsalted nuts, and prepare your own chips. Homemade baked chips are far healthier, and they provide a crunchy treat that is favorable among many guests. Prepare a selection of low fat dips to complete this tempting snack.

Dipped strawberries

For a sensational treat, who can resist chocolate and strawberries? A little chocolate does no harm, and it compliments strawberries perfectly. Select some sumptuous strawberries and dip the tips in melted chocolate and refrigerate to allow the chocolate to set. This creates a divine treat that looks every bit as good as it tastes.

Appetizers and snacks are a prominent part of any cocktail party, and these sumptuous snacks are sure to impress and be popular among guests, making a successful cocktail party that is enjoyed by all, without the guilt of piling on the calories.


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