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How to do a Wall Pushup

Whenever you start a new exercise regimen, there is a learning curve. You walk before you run. You climb a few flights of stairs and then add on more.

The same is true for the push-up, which is a formidable test of strength. The push-up is an exercise that many never master. Those who can do push-ups often do so in public places such as gyms or the beach.

And there is a reason they should show off a bit: the push up requires a great deal of upper body strength and stamina. For many people, it also requires a great deal of patience in that it takes time to get strong enough to complete a proper push-up.

While the traditional push-up is done with the body elongated, with the feet and hands on the floor, there are many simpler varieties of push-ups. These modified versions are recommended when you first get started.

Once you get the hang of some of the modified push-ups, then you will be better able to do the regular military-style push-up. Below are directions on how to do one such modified push-up: the wall push-up.

Wall push-ups can be done almost anywhere. You can do them at the gym of course. But you can also do them in a hotel room when on business travel. You can also do a similar exercise by leveraging yourself from a countertop.

How to do a wall push-up:

Step 1: Stand facing a wall with your feet together.

Step 2: While leaning into the wall, place each of your hands on the wall. You will want to keep your palms flat against the wall. Your arms should be about spread out the same width as your shoulders. Your arms will bend at the elbows, as you are assuming your starting position.

Step 3: With your body still leaning into the wall, and with your weight being supported by your arms and upper body, back your feet away from your body. Your body should form a slanted angle. Keep your feet side by side.

Step 4: Now you are ready to do a wall push-up. Push against the wall and straighten your arms. As you do so, keep your feet firmly planted in the same position. You will be lifting your body away from the wall, as it moves backward. Inhale as you do this move.

Step 5: Return to the starting position, by moving your body back toward the wall. Your arms will again bend. Exhale as you return your body closer to the wall.

The wall push-up is a great modification of the push-up. It is easier than the traditional push-up, yet it still provides a good upper body workout. And it allows you to build strength. It is an exercise you definitely want to include in your workouts.