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How going on a Diet can Encourage your Friends to Lose Weight

When you decide to go on a diet it is generally for your own sake and nobody else’s. You’re completely focused on what you’re hoping to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it, which means you have to ignore those supposedly reassuring words from friends and family who claim that you don’t need to lose any weight. You would rather they offered you words of encouragement and support than to hear you’re fine as you are, since it is hard enough to motivate yourself to lose weight, anyway, without being told that you shouldn’t bother.

It doesn’t often occur to you that friends and relatives might be trying to discourage you from going on a diet because they’re feeling bad about their own weight and seeing you do something about your own problem just makes them feel worse about theirs. If all your friends are carrying too much weight then you’re all the same boat and so no one feels isolated. You’re all familiar with what it’s like to be overweight and you can all whinge and whine about how you can’t find any nice clothes to wear, while going out to eat so you can overindulge without shame.

This all changes when you decide to go on a diet, though, as you can no longer go to a restaurant with friends and just eat what you want, as you’re always conscious of the number of calories you will consume. You pay more attention to the food you order and the amount of drink you consume, which serves to make your friends more conscious of what they’re eating and drinking as well, especially if you inform them of the number of calories they’re taking on board.

At first, your friends might not be that bothered when you say that you’re going on a diet, as they expect you fail in the end and so they carry on eating the way they have always done. However, it’s different when they actually start to see the weight fall off you, as they become rather jealous of the fact that you have managed to succeed at something they have failed at in the past. When they hear that you are now able to fit into clothes that are a few sizes smaller this can inspire them to try to do something about their weight in order to be slimmer, too.

Of course, your decision to lose weight can motivate your friends to go on a diet so as well, which can be useful as long as you are all there to support each other rather than to sabotage one another’s efforts.


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