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High Calorie Foods

In our modern society wit all its conveniences it can be difficult to avoid high calorie foods. Many processed style foods are high calorie traps that many people don’t know about. This list will help you locate high calorie foods and eliminate them from your diet.

Packaged Food

Many foods that come in a package bring with them high calories. This occurs because of all the processing that must go into the food to make it palatable and to preserve its shelf life. Many of these foods contain high levels of sugar which further increase the calorie content. Pre made frozen meals, pizzas, breaded meats, and other quick to prepare meals are often loaded with extra calories that wouldn’t be present if you made the meal yourself with fresh ingredients. Be sure to read the label on any packaged food you buy and pay attention to the serving size which is a good indicator of just how many calories you are getting with the food. Try to look for packaged food that has minimal ingredients in the list which will make the food healthier to consume. Try to eat as few packaged foods as possible and concentrate more on fresh vegetables and fruit which are lower in calories and better for you.


Another potential high calorie hazard can be found in the condiment isle. While these foods might seem low calorie we often use too much in the food we are preparing and the calorie content can rise significantly if you aren’t careful. One culprit is salad dressing which is loaded with excessive calories. Most people don’t use a few tablespoons of dressing they drench an otherwise healthy salads with dressing and increase the calorie content of their salad to that of a fast food meal. Dressing should always be a low-calorie version or better yet make your own to reduce the calorie content. Dress your salad with a small amount of dressing and mix it well. Instead of high sugar high calorie condiments try to favor your food with more fresh herbs and spices to reduce your calorie consumption.


Most people assume it is food that is high in calories but in many cases beverages are equally to blame for your expanding waistline. Sodas, special coffees, fruit juice, energy drinks, alcohol and other beverages are loaded with excessive calories due to the sugar and other additives in the drinks. These beverages can really add a significant amount of calories to your daily totals. You should keep your consumption of these beverages to a minimum and drink more plain water to reduce your calorie intake.

Restaurant Meals

We all know that fast food like a burger is high in calories but many other meals from restaurants are also high in calories. Food that is covered in gravies, other sauces, or fried should be avoided. Many restaurants also serve extremely large portion sizes which can provided a significant portion of your overall calorie consumption for the entire day. If you must eat out consider getting a smaller portion size or sharing it with another person. Look for entrees that have vegetables as a significant portion of the meal and order the smallest portion of meat. Ask for food without sauce if it is available. You can still enjoy a meal out but just be aware that you will be consuming more calories than you would normally do if you ate the same type of food at home.

You can avoid high calorie food by eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Reduce your consumption of commercially packaged food and go easy on the condiments. Switch to plain water to reduce the calories you consume from beverages and be wary of high calorie food that you eat in a restaurant.