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Healthy Supermarket Choices

If you want to make healthy choices at the supermarket there are several aisles you will need to avoid altogether. This may seem a harsh decision but it is better not to purchase those items which you know will weaken your resolve. If you really want to stay away from unhealthy snacks and empty calories, it is far easier to leave these items on the supermarket shelves than to resist temptation once they are stored in your food cupboard at home. The above strategies are not however foolproof if you have to buy items for someone else in your household who may not concerned about healthy eating.

The confectionery counter is the obvious section to miss followed closely by the biscuits, cakes, bakery and cereal aisles where everything there screams carbohydrates! Sugar is the culprit that is in practically everything you see in these aisles and even a few sweet nibbles sneaked into your trolley can wreak havoc with any healthy eating plan. Forget anything in these aisles where every single foodstuff contains bleached white flour, Trans fats such as hydrogenated vegetable oil and high fructose corn syrup which is of no value to anyone in maintaining good health.

Always reach for the natural option whenever possible for example butter and olive oil is by far the healthier choice than margarine and blends of hydrogenated vegetable oils. These products may be located right next to each other on the same shelf so you have to be discerning and if necessary take along your reading glasses and allow a little longer when inspecting the packaging and product description.

The next place to avoid is the fizzy drinks aisle and of course the liquor section unless you are careful with your alcohol consumption and drink wisely with a meal. Sugar-laden soft fizzy drinks can be substituted with products that contain a reputable artificial sweetener such as Sucralose which is safe and can be incorporated into any healthy eating plan. Frozen fruit can be combined with a sprinkling of Sucralose and yoghurt or soft low fat cheese to make a delicious and healthy alternative to high calorie deserts. Natural fruit juice diluted with sparkling or clear spring water creates a cool refreshing drink that is additive free.

Other counters and aisles to avoid are the ones containing processed meats and foods that have been overly processed and combined with cheap ingredients that serve as little more than fillers to bulk out the product and save costs to the manufacturer with no benefit to the consumer. Items made from mechanically recovered meat and reformed meat or fish are likely to be of no real nutritional value whatsoever and probably have little more flavour than the packaging they are sold in. The more writing on the package, the more junk and empty calories the product will contain.

You may wonder what aisles are left but don’t despair you can still fill your trolley to the brim with healthy goodies. Safe regions are the fresh fruit and vegetables section and the fresh fish and meat counters. Opt for the food that is as near as possible to how nature intended and you won’t go far wrong. Nuts, pulses, whole grains and high fibre fitness foods will keep your taste buds happy and the extra pounds at bay. There is no need to waste time reading packets here if there is any when you already know the produce in these aisles is as fresh and vitamin rich as can be and as unadulterated as possible.

What about the freezer section? Here again you can avoid the high-sugar baked goods and anything with a pastry case. Opt for frozen fruit medleys and frozen vegetables that can be as nutritionally sound as their fresh counterparts.

Canned goods can be healthy or unhealthy depending on the product. Whereas canned salmon, tuna and anchovies are most definitely healthy and additive free; tins of jam, sugary rice puddings and custards most definitely are not. Always read the list of ingredients thoroughly to check that the item is as healthy as you thought and contains only what you would expect it to.

The products on the milk and dairy aisle are usually healthy as long as there is no sugar or modified starch added as in the case of milk shakes or rich, creamy deserts.

So when you next visit the supermarket, avoid the aisles that are filled with junk food and search instead for the healthy equivalent. You will soon forget the products that were nutritionally unsound and can enjoy a healthier existence into the bargain.


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