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Health and Nutrition Blueberries

Blueberries are healthy for us as they have remarkable nutritional values and are powerful disease fighters. They not only contain antioxidants that are thought to help our bodies fight free radicals, but they also contain vitamins and a lot of fiber. Blueberries defend the body against stress and help to promote healing.

All of us can add more blueberries to our diet, and the good news is that it is simple, mainly because they taste so good. Make a blueberry smoothie, eat your yogurt with blueberries or just throw some blueberries in your cereal, that’s how easy it is! Before I persuade you to eat blueberries everyday and make them part of your daily meal, here are the reasons why blueberries are my favorite fruit.

Health benefits of eating Blueberries

Anti- aging – They are one of the richest sources of antioxidants, which are responsible for keeping us healthy and young. The antioxidants in Blueberries help to slow the ageing process immensely. So the golden rule to stay young is eat blueberries. Blueberries have also shown to not only halt the ageing process but actually reverse it.

Reduce weight Eating blueberries can help you lose weight by reducing food cravings and aids in reducing the abdominal fat. If you combine blueberries with a low fat diet along with simple exercises you san easily reduce your belly fat and reduce your weight.

Blood pressure – Recently it has been discovered that blueberries help to keep blood pressure in check to a great deal.

Improve brain function – Eating Blueberries on regular basis helps to improve brain function as they help in keeping the message signals moving from brain cell to brain cell. They help to protect cells from cell damage and also protect our nervous systems. They help a lot to improve memory, concentration and co-ordination.

Fights Cancer – Blueberries contain chemicals that decrease the growth of cervical and breast cancer cells by a considerable percentage and help to fight cancer to a great deal. They contain resveratrol which is another important potential anti-cancer agent. They act as a great chemical warrior against heart diseases and cancer.

Urinary Infection – the blueberries contain proanthocyanidins, which helps to prevent urinary tract infection. Proanthocyanidins prevents harmful bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract, and when the bacteria can’t attach, they can’t multiply to cause infection.

Improves vision gain – Blueberries have a positive effect on eyes, the blueberry extract wards off certain eyesight problems. The Blueberry extract is high in compounds called anthocyanosides, which is very effective to slow down visual loss.

When you go to buy blueberries always look for firm, plump, dry berries with smooth skins and a silvery shine. Do not leave them outside but put them in the refrigerator as soon as you get home in their plastic cover or put them in a covered bowl. Always wash them before you eat and try not to keep them for long, use them within 10 days of purchase.

By now I guess you must be eager to give your taste buds blueberries treat. I am sure that after knowing the health benefits of blueberries, you will change your opinion about them, and who knows blueberries may also turn into your favorite fruit

Blueberries are a true super food, so go and enjoy this blue fruit and make them a regular part of your diet, to stay fit and fine


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