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Guide to Bicycle Riding for Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, bicycle riding could be an effective way to increase your calorie expenditure. To lose weight you obviously have to burn more calories than you consume. This means adjusting your diet so you take on board fewer calories, and getting more active so your metabolism speeds up and you burn a greater number of calories. Cycling is a great sport to take up, because it is a low-impact activity which people of all ages can do, and you should even be able to fit it into your ordinary life, which is important if you are going to keep riding your bike regularly.

The chances are you already have a bicycle lying around that you bought years ago, rode a few times but never bothered with again. However, if you’ve decided to lose weight, it’s worth getting your bike out of the shed or garage, dusting it off and oiling the chain, so that you can start going for bike rides thereby improving your fitness and losing weight at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t particularly fit to begin with, as the more you cycle, the more your fitness will improve, so that it becomes easier to push yourself to get up the hills and to go a little bit faster.

Luckily, once you have learned how to ride a bicycle, you never forget and so it is just a matter of building up your confidence. You could look for routes which are off-road, so you don’t have to deal with the dangers of riding on the road. If you decide to make cycling part of your everyday routine, however, it may not be possible for you to avoid riding on the road. Clearly, if you decide to cycle to work or to the shops, you will simply have to take whichever routes are available, even if this means riding on the road.

As long as you obey traffic regulations and dress appropriately, so that other road users can see you, the chances are you will stay safe. When you’re riding your bike to achieve weight loss, the most important thing is to make cycling a regular feature of your life, which is why it is worth looking for any opportunity to cycle. If you can cycle to the shops or to work, why not? After all, you will be burning more calories and it will save you the hassle of going to the gym later on in the day. It isn’t too challenging to keep the pedals turning, and the more miles you put in, the easier you will start to find it, so that you can increase the intensity of your rides and start to cycle further.

Clearly, the more effort you put into your cycling and the more time you spend on the bike, the greater the number of calories you will be able to burn. However, when you are just starting to get into cycling, any amount of time spent on the bike is better than none. Eventually, your fitness and confidence levels will have increased enough for you to want to ride for longer and to make yourself work harder, which is always good news for your weight-loss plans. Cycling is not only good for weight loss; it’s also a great cardiovascular activity that will keep your heart healthy, which is another reason to start riding your bicycle more, rather than letting it go rusty.