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Cleaning the house can become the best daily workout. I also have some tool tips for newlyweds. Tools that make cleaning easier and save time.

Here the ingredients to keep your house clean and your body in shape. Every workout needs a warm-up routine, stretching, cardio, and warm down. The trick is to pay attention to your movements and your lunch. Stay away from large meals after a hard day’s work.
Busy Bee’s warm-up
Start by going around the house, up and down the stairs at least 3 times looking for things that need picking up, make a mental list of things you need to do. Give yourself about 15 minutes of warm up.
Busy Bee’s Stretching
Stretch 1: I start with my legs shoulder width apart, hands on waist, then I hold on each side 8 seconds. I do this about two times on each arm. This warms up the arms. This is a great stretch to get you ready to vacuum
Stretch 2: Runner’s stretch

This get s the legs warmed up. Hold on each leg for a count of 8 seconds and do about 4 on each leg. This prepares the legs.

Stretch 3: Last stretch: Inner Thighs
This works on opening up the hips. I actually got this from my best friend who is a yoga instructor. It promotes flexibility and you definitely need to be flexible when cleaning.

Workout Time (Cardio)
Now it’s time for the actual workout: cleaning. Since I am always bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, and moving. I figured I better stretch the parts I use the most: legs, wrists, and arms.
I start with my arms washing the dishes since it is only my husband and I. Washing the dishes requires mostly upper bodywork. You make circular motions with your hand when you scrub the dishes, not so much with utensils.
Tip: you can stretch out your wrist to prepare it for today’s workout. Hold your hands out in front of you. Here are two types:
1.) Make a fist and hold it, keep repeating this for at least 5 times slowly.
2.) Open hand with palms up and hold with opposite hand gently.
Second, I sweep the floor downstairs where my iRobot missed. He saves me so much time. I highly recommend looking around for one of these robots. I found one refurbished a few years ago for $200 but you can look for a new one here: www.irobot.com. The iRobot is automatically scheduled to turn him on and clean everyday at 9a.m. He will even return to his charging station and beep if you need to clean it. The model I have does have trouble with rugs, but works great on my laminate floors. I even used him upstairs on my carpet.

If you are like me and have a cat, there is another vacuum I use for my stairs, chairs, and carpet. I have a Dyson Animal that works really well. I work on my arms and cardio here when I use this on my stairs and on my areas with carpet. You have to go slow and work on strokes pulling and pushing. I switch arms so both arms get the work out. I always lift with my legs to prevent back injuries. Go to www.Dyson.com, but you can get them at Target too. I always use google.com to find the best deals, but it is with the $499. I have had it for at least 5 years and it works great. At first, I thought it was too much, but wait until you try it. It is incredible. Dyson even gave me a free update part of the animal to pick up cat hair for free.
Third, I pick up as I go, which means I am carrying tools to the garage, towels upstairs, books back to the bookcase, and shoes back to the closet. By now it is at least 40 minutes into the workout. I am almost done.

Cool Down Time
During this time I take the laundry upstairs (a little lifting involved) then I put it away. The idea is to find something that will lower you heart rate without just stopping. Here are some cool down ideas: dump the trash, water the outside plants, water the inside plants, do some dusting around the house, organize the pantry or pots, and so forth. Keep moving, just slow down.

No Time: Quick Cleaning
If you do not have time to workout, you still have to do the work. You can start with light cleaning like dusting and laundry, but stretch right after first 5 minutes. Then start your cleaning; you don’t have to do the warm down. You should at least have 30 minutes of workout /cleaning times a day.

Ideas for Legs
Mowing the yard
Moving furniture (weight lifting- so bend with knee using legs)
Laundry carrying load to laundry room (weight lifting- so bend with knee using legs)
Washing the car- make sure you squat to work buttocks and legs as you get wash car
Cleaning out the garage- (weight lifting- so bend with knee using legs)

Ideas for Arms/ Legs
Raking Leaves and picking up
Mowing the years
Washing dishes
Throwing trash