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Ear Blockage Home Remedies

For the most part our ears are wonderful at taking care of themselves with just a little cleaning maintenance. However sometimes they do get hard earwax that proves to be a bit aggravating and uncomfortable. This can lead to difficulty in hearing, ringing in the ear and just an uncomfortable feeling of being blocked. To help you with a problem such as this there are home remedy treatments for ear blockage that can help.

The ear is great at taking care of infection and it is due to the wax inside that helps this take place. The purpose of the wax is to prevent any foreign objects or bacteria from getting inside the ear. Ear wax is a very sticky substance that traps anything from entering the ear. There are basically two types of ear wax which is wet wax and dry wax. When the wax inside the ear becomes hard it can lead to a very uncomfortable feeling.

Swabbing ears properly

Never place a swab in the inside the ear canal if you have a wax buildup this could cause the wax to be pushed further down the canal and lead to what started as a partial blockage and end up with a complete blockage. When you are cleaning wax buildup out of your ear you should not use any type of Q-tip for the removal. You can also damage the ear drum when the wax is pushed in too far and there is always a chance of scratching the inside of the ear. Keep in mind there is no need to dig deep in the ear, your ears irrigate themselves and know quite well what to do to get wax out. Clean the outside of the ear with a swab but leave the ear to its own devices with a little help from oil to get the hard earwax that is built up inside.

Treatments for ear blockage

The main treatment for ear wax buildup is oil. There are several different kinds of oil that can be used and some have a little more healing power than others. There are many oils that can be used for earwax buildup such as mineral oil which replaces the PH in the ear, garlic oil and hydrogen peroxide which cleans the ear as well as helping with earache pain, olive oil is a tried and true remedy, paraffin oil which helps clean out hard wax and the list goes on. Apple cider vinegar when used in the ears also helps infection as well as clearing the blockage. Even taking vitamin C can help with an ear wax problem. If taken on a regular base for approximately six months it can eliminate hard wax in the ear completely.

Baby oil

Baby oil is wonderful for wax buildup in the ear. Warm a little in a small dish. Have an eyedropper close at hand and make sure it is sterilized. Take the eyedropper and suck up the warm baby oil. Put your head to one side and drop a few drops into the ear canal. Let the oil sit in the ear canal until you hear a popping sound. Turn your head and let the oil run out. After you have done this drop warm water into the ear to rinse. Dry your ear carefully using a towel or a hairdryer. If this doesn’t work on the first try you can repeat this procedure twice a day.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used for removing hard wax from the ear. Mix hydrogen peroxide with water, warm the solution and drop into the ear canal. When this works it will produce a cracking sound. This is a sign that the wax has moved in the ear. Twist your head and let the remains of the mixture run out. Flush the ear with warm water and dry carefully with a towel or hair dryer.

Your ears for the most part will take care of themselves but occasionally they need a little help. If your problem persists it is always a good choice to see an ear specialist but if it is just for a little discomfort home remedy treatments for ear blockage can be taken care of at home.


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