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Diet Programs the best Internet Weight Loss Program for Men

When it comes to weight loss, men seldom get much of a mention. Yet men can actually lose weight much faster than women due to having more muscle mass and higher metabolisms. Add to that, the fact that they do not have what medical experts call “the scale tipping hormonal swings” women have due to pregnancy, monthly cycles etc. Perchance this is why much more focus is placed on diet programs for women. Those deemed the emotional over-eaters.

There is much evidence of more focus on female weight loss. One simply needs to check out the Jenny Craig website and view the 21 pages of women’s success stories. Then check out the grand total of three pages from the men. Promotional materials for diet programs rarely feature men and it‘s somewhat sexist and wrong. It is clearly obvious there is a general misconception that men don’t need help with weight loss. But according to a report back in November 2007, from the Centres for Disease Control, that is far from correct.

The report found that obesity rates for men are almost identical with 33.3% for men and 35.3% for women. Men traditionally viewed weight loss as a female concern but the times have changed. Besides, men won’t do well attending female focused diet classes. They need more calories and won’t be too impressed with the food recommended for women. Men have different motivations for wishing to lose weight as well.

While they are not usually as appearance orientated as women, they are said to be more concerned about the medical issues of excess weight. Sleep apnoea, heart attack, type 2 diabetes etc. Men expect and usually desire a weight loss program which includes exercise. They welcome exercise and are said to do better with it. Men want programs which include treadmills, recumbent bikes, bench pressing and some type of physical workout. They also want realistic food.

Fortunately major diet programs are more informed these days and have launched men’s programs. NutriSystem began planning men’s program approximately two years ago. Food is delivered the food right to the door. Meal plans are based on high fibre and low sugar. Clients add their own salads, fresh vegetables and fruit to the selections. Weight Watchers have always welcome men to their meetings with open arms. But in March they announced an Internet based program aimed specifically at men.

Men can track food intake, exercise and learn a host of tips on food choices and workouts. Men’s approach to diet is said to be a “just tell me what to do” attitude and it definitely includes an exercise program. Online weight loss programs are capitalizing on the fact that, once men make the decision to lose weight they tend to be more disciplined and goal driven. To them, weight loss is simply another challenge.

NutriSysten offers an exercise DVD which features NFL player Vaughn Hebron. Weight Watchers offers workout videos which target specific muscle groups as well as fitness levels. One thing men are specifically delighted with is the flexibility online plans offer them. They can choose likeable foods and use the online weight loss tools at their own convenience. Jenny Craig’s Jen4Men is a program which is designed to inspire and guide men through all aspects of weight loss.

Men will learn how to change habits of a lifetime and reach their ultimate goal. Tailored to educate whilst giving men the support they need, Jen4Men allows me to take control of their expanding waistlines easily. Men will be pleased to learn that they can lose weight, keep it off forever without sacrificing the foods men love to eat. Men will end up with a healthier relationship with food, a more active lifestyle and a more balanced approach to living.

Men will be taught stress management and self care strategies as well. Programs are specifically designed to suit every man’s personal needs. The only drawbacks to some online weight loss programs is that some don’t focus on teaching men about food and nutrition. A myriad of men are said to have very little knowledge of nutrition. Michelle Berry, MA. LPC, of Denver, CO, says that men have problems with the long-term lifestyle changes to maintain weight loss. Travelling, coking, dining out often becomes problematic in regards to having a structured diet program.

The continual growth of men’s diet programs online, is a very welcome sight. Men can now embark on healthier lifestyles, improve their fitness all thanks to the Internet. No longer do they need to eat dainty salads whilst craving more rib sticking foods.