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Cheap Ways to Exercise

It does not require money or a gym membership to get fit and lose weight. Simply walking more during the day can be a great way to get fit without spending money. Taking the stairs, not always parking up front, or a quick walk around the block can make a great impact on your health and help you to cut calories and get into shape.


Most office buildings and public spaces are equipped with elevators and escalators. However, by opting to take the stairs whenever it is a possibility you will be getting quite a bit of extra exercise every day. This exercise will not only burn calories, but will even build some extra muscle over time because of the difference in the muscles used when climbing rather than just walking on flat ground. If your office is in a high-rise and you do not feel that it is possible to climb all the way up using the stairs, try taking the elevator halfway up and walking the rest of the way. Another option is to walk as far on the stairs as you can and then take the elevator the rest of the way up rather than taking it all the way from the ground floor to your office.

Don’t Always Park Up Front

Most people will immediately park as close as possible when running errands or when parking their car to go into work. By parking at the rear of the lot or on the top floor of the garage you will be forcing yourself to walk an extra distance that will help you to get fit to without sacrificing much convenience or spending any extra money.

A Quick Walk

Walking outside costs nothing and it can be a great way to refresh yourself in addition to getting fit. For most people, office lunch breaks are not long enough to make a trip to the gym or to go for a jog. Instead of just sitting at your desk, use the time to get some fresh air and revitalize yourself. A walk around the block will just take a few minutes and can be a great boost to the amount of walking you do in a day. If the weather is bad, take a couple laps around your office and stop to chat with a couple of co-workers along the way.

Adding a little bit of extra walking time to your day is very simple, and costs nothing. It is easy to get fit without spending money by following these simple steps, and you may find it easy to add more to your workout, even beginning to jog, after a few weeks of extra walking time.