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Living with Colitis

Living with colitis can be challenging but it is possible if you educate yourself, have an excellent doctor, some basic information and a willingness to make the lifestyle choices that will help you improve your outlook. Colitis is defined as chronic inflammation of the colon or large intestine. The large …

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Abcd Diagnosis of Melanoma

Malignant Melanoma is the most aggressive of malignant cutaneous tumours. Cases with lymphonode involvement, and distant metastases, carry a very poor prognosis, (50% and 20% respectively alive in 5 years), while those presenting without evident lymphonode involvement have a much better survival rate (60% alive in 5 years). It is …

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UTI Treatment

Urinary tract infections, commonly referred to as UTI’s, are one of the most common conditions encountered by millions of people every day. They are usually caused b bacteria entering the urethra and making their way into the bladder of kidneys. However despite the fact that they are very common, most …

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What is Bornholm Disease

Bornholm disease or epidemic pleurodynia is a viral infection of the striated intercostal muscles. Caused by an enterovirus, the condition is a rare manifestation of an infection with a common virus. The name Bornholm disease derives from cases described by Dr. Sylvest in the 1930’s, which occurred on the Danish …

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