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Reasons Douching is Bad

Douching involves a woman inserting water and another liquid into her vagina intending to clean it out. There are a few different reasons why a woman may douche. Many women believe that douching is a good way to keep up with feminine hygiene. Douching can be a monthly routine for …

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What is Vulvodynia

What is Vulvodynia? Vulvodynia is the condition when a female experiences pain and discomfort around the vulva area. This discomfort can include irritation, rawness, stinging or burning, the later being the most common. Depending on the individual, the symptoms may be in one place, or spread across the genitalia in …

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Side Effects of Jelqing

Many men dream of having an extra large penis, and they will try any form of penis enlargement drug or technique to achieve this dream. One such form, and indeed the cheapest and most popular form of penis enlargement is jelqing. Jelqing is a technique aimed at increasing the size …

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How to Ease Menstrual Pain

How to Avoid Menstrual Cramps Are you dreading the day that those monthly cramps, bloating and tummy-writhing pain return? Today is the day this changes. Many women simply don’t understand what exactly occurs in their bodies during monthly menstruation, and it is difficult to determine the best solution. Many teen …

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