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How to help Children Lose Weight

Today’s youth are predicted to be among the first generation that does not outlive their parents because of the growing numbers of children who are obese. Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While this is a serious …

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Symptoms of Krabbe Disease

Krabbe disease is a neurological disease that affects the myelin sheaths that surround the neuronal axons in the central nervous system. Also called globoid cell leukodystrophy, it is a very rare disease, which affects only one in one hundred thousand people. It was first discovered by the Danish neurologist, Knud …

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Things to Discuss with your Pediatrician

A Pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in treating children usually up to the age of 16 or 18 years. They have the ability to understand the signs and symptoms related to childhood illnesses, treat such illnesses appropriately to suit a child as well as having the knowhow to handle communication and …

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Skin Rashes in Babies

A baby’s delicate skin can be prone to a variety of different rashes and this can create a great deal of anxiety among new parents. The majority of rashes, however, are quite harmless and usually clear up on their own, but there are some more serious conditions that may require …

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Milk Allergy Signs

A colicky baby with an unrecognized milk allergy is not fun. It can be downright heartbreaking for both parent and child. The symptoms can range from moderate to severe, depending on how allergic an infant is. A severe allergy to milk protein will be more obvious and even life-threatening. Mild to …

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