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First Aid

Healthy food options to fall asleep and stay asleep.

It is estimated that more than 100 million Americans experience sleep disturbances. Chronic sleep disturbance, referred to as insomnia, is defined as “an inability to fall asleep or remain asleep long enough to feel rested.” These disturbances affect all age groups but are more predominant in persons over the age …

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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

On the first day of September 2009, the Texas Rangers were in the thick of a very competitive race for one of the “wildcard” slots in the American League of Major League Baseball. In his first at-bat, their starting third-baseman, consistent leader in hitting and an anchor on this team …

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First Aid Measures for Respiratory Distress

Introduction: Breathing would be one of the most important functions that we perform to keep ourselves alive. For whatever reason, if it gets disrupted, a person could lose consciousness within a matter of minutes and particularly the brain cells will die within 3 – 4 minutes. Gradually the organ systems …

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First Aid at Home or the Work Place

First Aid at Home or the Work Place After being a Firefighter for near 22 years, I know how important basic First Aid can be when saving a life. Everyone one should be trained in basic First Aid and CPR. Your husband, wife, and kids deserve the best treatment if …

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First Aid Kids

Kids who know basic first aid will be better prepared to deal with sudden injuries to themselves and others. Parents, other adults, or older siblings should make it a priority to teach kids the basics when it comes to first aid beginning when the child is as young as three …

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