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Questions you should ask a new Dentist

Dental health is an important aspect of our overall mental and physical health. Finding a Dental provider you can build a good doctor/patient relationship depends on the vital questions you should ask a new Dentist. Prior to your first dental visit, prepare a few questions that will insure you have …

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Keeping Teeth Healthy at School

Tired of going to the dentist and having tons of cavities? Think it might be neglecting your teeth after school lunches? Organize your dental care and see the number of cavities go down or maybe even get eliminated. Dental care items can be brought to school in a zip lock …

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Pro et Contra Dental Implants

When considering having implants implanted to replace your choppers, there are some things to seriously contemplate before signing away for them. Let’s go over the “pro et contra” for getting dental implants. PRO: *Implants are often easier to care for then bridges, flippers or dentures. They tend to do less …

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Gums Bleed after Cleaning Teeth

Why gums bleed after cleaning teeth? If your gums bleed after cleaning your teeth, chances are high that you are probably having some sort of gum disease, technically known as periodontal disease. When you have periodontal disease, your gums will become tenderer and rather unusually sensitive. Sometimes, it could also …

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Oral Cancer Prevention Tips

Oral cancer claims the lives of approximately fifty percent of those diagnosed with the disease. When malignant cells make their way into the lymph nodes, they spread throughout the body rapidly. The lymph nodes not only filter blood cells, they are a major part of the immune system since they …

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